Famous Amos & “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | New Year’s Eve 2008/09

101.1 New York WCBS-FM

Russ And Anita
Russ DiBello and Anita Bonita
Here’s one right off the CBS-FM studio skimmer. Russ DiBello aka Famous Amos is playing the top 10 party songs of all time. #1 plays right before midnight.

A few “liner notes” about this one.

You hear a few people in the studio as they countdown to 2009. Anita Bonita is always with Russ. Radio people will get the veiled joke about # NINE!
The video portion of this is introduced by Airchexx.com founder Steve West. Steve isn’t exactly photogenic. iPhone videos kinda stink. But his production skills are pretty good so – look at the logos!

Audio quality is stellar! This came directly from the CBS skimmer (recorded from the air monitor). Contributor Daniel Coulombe got this copy from DiBello, so it is an original sent in with one stop in between, so to speak!


Click Below to hear this scoped, audio-only aircheck.

Click Below to view this from our Official Airchexx YouTube Channel (Airchexx Classic Radio)


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