Forgotten 45s – Alan Lee, 105.7 WQSR (Catonsville) Baltimore | January 31, 1993

105.7 Catonsville Baltimore WQSR Rouse and Company Alan Lee

Mr. Lee has a personalized jingle to open this show, which on this night, he says is a tradition on the night of the Super Bowl(TM)! Lots of 1950s Do-Wop songs, most of which, the host hopes you’ve long forgotten. I know I have!

Back when this was recorded, WQSR was a powerhouse, with high ratings, a great morning show (Rouse and Company), and listeners all over Anne Arundel County. Who knows, your webmaster might have been listening that night, as I was working out of Ft. McHenry, ordering Naval Reservists around like they were mine to order! (Just kidding – ask former Capt. Livingstone, who was my fmr C.O.). WQSR was a station at the time, which played the 60s and 70s during the week, but all the specialty shows revolved around 1950s music. This show is typical of what you’d hear every weekend.

105.7 Catonsville Baltimore WQSR Rouse and Company Alan Lee

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  1. Allen Lee is still on the radio! I believe still on WQSR in Baltimore. In earlier years he was on WGTB, and WPFW fm. If you wanna listen between 6 and 9 Friday nights there is a link on the Roadhouse Oldies site. I have met allen personally and he is good people! Enjoy~

  2. Gary Kerns

    I have to say that doo-wop is my favorite music, although I don’t remember it firsthand. I was born in June of ’63, when it was beginning to fade from prominence (if it hadn’t done so already). Two other things. At 3:59, Alan Lee said that disco was big in ’83. If I remember correctly, disco died off around three years prior. Also, liked the jingle at 5:02.

  3. Tad

    I used to set a timer on my VCR and record his shows , then listen back and pick the best stuff I liked to make listening tapes. I transferred about 10 hours of music onto MP3. I loved the do wop stuff alot Much of the music I was not familiar with , but being a musician it was a joy to hear the variety of recorded sound warm tube recordings and upright bass and vocal harmonies with a bluesy edge that no one sings like anymore because of pitch correction.

  4. Charles Perry

    Alan Lee

    My name is Charles Perry l sang with the Acoustics r&b group from 1971 to 1981. We were on your show on WGTB in 1976. We had a great time on your program. We ended it an acapella version of the Lords Prayer.
    I hope all is going well with you these days.

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