Format Change in Chicago: WDHF Becomes WMET | December 1, 1976

Description by Contributor Keith Teicher:

Here’s the call letter change over from WDHF to WMET, Chicago on 12/1/1976. Note in the first stopset after the change the wrong jingle is played by FJ Bailes (WDHF instead of WMET). Promo voice (as I remember) is PD Gary Price.


  1. Donald E Selke

    this was during the change from am to fm radio in the early days but still sounds like Super CFL and Wls of that time period But Cfl was Gone on 3/15/76 because of stations like this playing the same music, but this station changed to the LOOP by 1979 playing hard rock

    • Agenttom

      The Loop (WLUP) was at 97.9 (FM98 back then). This station never became The Loop.

  2. R Roberts

    How True 95.5FM would go on to become “Smooth Jazz” WNUA 95.5FM and now as of 2010 it’s all Spanish. Viva Chicago thanks to Clear Channel Chicago has another useless spanish station.

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