Gary McKee, 94.1 WQXI-FM 94Q Atlanta | March 15, 1986

Courtesy of Contributor Robyn Watts, from California Aircheck ™ tape #S-80 of May 1986.

“Do you get the feelin’ these people snuck in and took a look at our checkbooks…?”

Gary McKee is in great form playing the hits of the day on CHR 94.1 WQXI-FM. Its the first day of Spring and yet cold as a New England Winter day in the deep South.

Listen in about halfway through this 12 minute scope for a 94Q Morning News update with Yetta Levitt, Eileen Kimball (Traffic) and Sports with Neil Williamson. Course, the news is scoped, too – and that takes all the fun out of it.

Radio, as in life, is full of coincidences. Through most of the 1970s and 80s, Gary McKee was one of Atlanta’s most popular and beloved personalities – the parents of kids in the 80s woke to McKee on WQXI 790 a decade earlier. Today, the station on 94.1, WSTR, has one of America’s most popular and recognizable personalities – Ryan Seacrest.

Speaking of WQXI AM 790, at the time of this recording, it aired an Adult Contemporary music format aimed at older adults.

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  1. Brady Castleberry

    Doing radio like it should be done. Live,Local and Personality! Though I do question if this show is more AM Talk with all the news breaks and lengthy talk segments. In any rate Gaycrest and Kadrick have nothing on this group.

    Two things that haven’t changed in 26 years: Gas price talk and LSU football beating somebody.

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