Guy Davis on K-Best 95 KBZT San Diego | Summer 1984

94.9 San Diego KBZT K-Best 95

KBZT K-Best 95 San Diego – Guy Davis – Summer 1984 – Radio Aircheck

San Diego’s 94.9 FM changed many times in the 1980s

In 1979, KLRO-FM flipped to gold-based adult contemporary, changed call letters to KBZT and changed monikers to “K-Best 95.” In the mid-1980s, the station flipped to oldies, but hung on to the K-Best 95 name & KBZT calls. In 1987, after the station was sold to Sandusky Radio, the station adopted new call letters KWLT, flipped to soft rock, and changed it’s name to “K-Lite 95”, By the end of the Decade, changed again to “Y95” and the KKYY calls in 1989. The KBZT Calls returned to the station in the 1990s, and as of spring 2020, the station still has them today, as the station plays Adult Alternative as Alt 94.9.

This aircheck features Guy Davis on AC K-Best. Guy also spent time on air at KHTZ, KLSX, KBIG, and 1998-2000. Guy was teamed with Mark Taylor for the Taylor-Davis show at all-Talk KABC.  -Ellis

94.9 San Diego KBZT K-Best 95

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  1. Erin

    I wonder if someone can find tapes of The Morning Show on KBEST95 featuring Ken Copper and Cynthia Heath-Kerrigan. Their show was so fun. Does anyone remember “Ian Dunn on the Run” KBEST’s “Kid Reporter”?

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