Harry Harrison, 101.1 WCBS-FM New York | January 11, 2000 – Part 2

101.1 New York CBS-FM Harry Harrison

Harry Harrison WMCA WABC WCBS-FM

This is Part two of a four-part aircheck featuring Harry Harrison, the “Morning Mayor”. Part of the description of this aircheck remains constant throughout each part –

The news of the day will bring us back to the big dot com bubble with news of the America Online (AOL) and Time Warner merger. This was a BIG deal back then. Remember AOL? Back in the 1990s if you didn’t have AOL or Prodigy or one of the other dialup ‘services’, it was next to impossible to get online with a PC. Remember Windows 95? Windows 2000? Virtually nobody has one of those early operating systems. So, while this aircheck will sound fresh, think back to just how long ago this was. By the way. If you wish to really dive into the past, you can go to this website. It’ll take you back to those wonder years when we all couldn’t wait to upgrade from Windows 3.1!

Lorrie Jordan was the voice behind those traffic reports (CBS-FM Traffic Watch). Sports with Phil Pepe. Weather with TV guy “Mr. G” – about that… New Yorkers know that Mr. G has somewhat of an attitude and it shows, even with the banter between Harry Harrison and Mr. G. Its a friendly attitude where he pokes fun and they at him, and that’s something that never changed, from Harry Harrison, to Dan Taylor to Scott Shannon!

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Harry does birthday announcements at :15 and :45 each hour. We hear several sports reports. This recording actually began with a full newscast, but I omitted it because of repetition. We do hear a full edition of news in this aircheck which is the same as the one in Part 1.

I should have done this in the first part but let me take this moment to introduce Dick Ervasti. Richard is our new Airchexx.com Imaging Voice, providing intros and watermarks for the airchecks you hear on this website and the new voice of Airchexx Live! Because after all, we should have the best of the best!


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