Howard Hoffman, 96.3 WBBM-FM B96 Chicago | February 14, 1989

Howard Hoffman, 96.3 WBBM-FM B96 Chicago | February 14, 1989
Howard Hoffman
Howard Hoffman on KABC

For a 32 year old cassette recording, this has held up pretty well. The first minute of audio is a bit muffled due to tape wear but the rest is almost perfect quality.

**Aircheck courtesy of Contributor Bob Gilmore**

Here’s Howard Hoffman (WPIX-FM / WPRO-FM / KAUM / WABC / KPOA / KMEL / KKFR / KFRC / WBBM-FM / KABC) doing the overnight show.  It’s probably because he’s on the graveyard shift that he’s relatively tame by comparison to his work at other stations, like WABC New York.   Hoffman has his moments, however, and you’ll hear some of his funny comments in this almost 10 minute aircheck.



This was edited down from a C-60 cassette.  I often have to remind our visitors that we do not pay royalties, so it is necessary to reduce the amount of incidental music heard on our airchecks down to just a second or two.  While U.S. copyright law isn’t specific, seven seconds or less of ‘music’ was generally considered appropriate for the “fair use” clause.  In recent years, however, the recording industry has been going after virtually any music heard, of any length.  Many media outlets have responded accordingly.  YouTube, for example, will only tolerate a second or two from any song before they either make a video containing such music ineligible for their YouTube “partner program”, or make it so that no one can view the video at all.    While I am totally in-charge of the content posted on, I cannot afford either the royalty payments, which would likely be in the thousands, or the fines the RIAA and others would have imposed upon me if I were to post unscoped airchecks.  That is the reality and the reasoning as to why you cannot hear any of these airchecks in their full-length form.

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