Hy Lit Hall Of Fame on WSNI 104.5 Philadelphia | December 1985

104.5 Philadelphia WSNI

WSNI 104.5 Philadelphia – Hy Lit Hall Of Fame – December 1985

From the Thomas Gillan collection.

If you know about the history of Top 40 radio, then you know the name Gordon McLendon. McLendon was the owner of 1190 KLIF, and was considered the man who perfected Top 40 radio on KLIF. In 1954, the era when network radio was fading away because of TV, McLendon introduced the Top 40 format to the station and, as a result of this change, KLIF enjoyed dominance of the Dallas radio ratings in the 1950s, 1960s, and into the 1970s. At one point, more than half of the people listening to the radio in Dallas, were listening to KLIF!

KLIF had a tight playlist, exciting promotions & contests, and bigger than life DJs. Some of the legendary personalities that worked at KLIF include… Jimmy Rabbit, Paxton Mills, Michael O’Shea, Dick Heatherton, Chuck Murphy, Ron Chapman, Johnny Dark, Hal Martin, Rod Roddy, Cuzzin Linnie, Brant Miller, John London , Randy Robbins, Russ Knight, Jim O’Brian, Chuck Dunaway, Ken Knox, George Michael , Deano Day, Gary Mack, Jay Lawrence, Gary Owens, and the voice heard on this aircheck, George Singer. -Ellis


Ellis B Feaster   From the Ellis B Feaster You Tube Radio Aircheck & Classic TV Channel.





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