Imus in the Afternoon, 1420 WHK Cleveland | December 4, 1978

1420 Cleveland WHK

Big Apple Airchecks Matt Seinberg New York TradersDate of Recording: December 4, 1978
Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks
Station: 1420 WHK Cleveland
Featured Air Talent: Don Imus
Aircheck Entry: 1,399

Send me to Cleveland… have you lost your MIND?

The infamous words of Don “Imus in the Morning” upon his return to New York’s WNBC about nine months after this particular recording. Got your attention!

If you think the Top 40/Rock Jock Imus was any less boring or irreverent in Cleveland than at WNBC, you’re in for a surprise. Outside of the I-man being in Afternoon Drive and the music being Country, not much else changed! Along with Imus in the Afternoon, “J.R. Nelson in Chopper One” and the right reverend Billy Sol Hargus!

WHK was apparently VERY sold out, as this 5pm hour is loaded with commercials (kept in this presentation for historical significance). Also, this station had a well staffed News Department, and we get to hear the complete 6pm News Report from Marv Boone, and 12 minutes in, the Sam Retigliano show. A five minute sports report on the Cleveland Browns.



  1. Gary Kerns

    I like anything with Imus, but I especially enjoyed the news report. Actually, the title of this is a misnomer, as WHK was at 1420, not 1440. Also, Sam Rutigliano’s spot came at about the 25 minute mark, but maybe it aired at 12 minutes after 6. At one time, WHK was the Browns’ flagship, but I don’t know if it was in ’78. Imus was at Cleveland’s other country outlet, WGAR (1220). WWWE (3WE) went country in ’77, so, Cleveland may have had three AM country stations at the same time. In July of ’83, I went to Geauga Lake Amusement Park, and met several WHK jocks, among them Joe Finan and Chip Binder. Beg pardon if I’m going on and on, but Imus was also under consideration for NYC’s WHN, but obviously, that never materialized.

    • I was Jay Stevens, The Unknown DJ on WHK 81-83. In 1978, WGAR AM was AC. WWWE was not yet Country. In 81 or 82, WWWE went Country. WGAR’s FM was WKSW and was Country. So at that time three stations were Country. By then Imus was gone from WHK, which continued to be number one in the format.

      • Joel, that was you? Wow. My only regret was when you were consulting Froggy 94 in Memphis not actually meeting you and talking for a bit. You could have taught me a lot! I was there 2000-2001 and a few months after the format change to The Buzz. I know. Off topic. This was a really GOOD aircheck!

        Steve West, Airchexx Owner/CEO

        • Steve – thanks for the kind words. I was actually consulting KIX 106 during those years, but it would have been nice to meet you for sure.

          • Darnit I knew I was going to get it wrong. I went to Kix 106 in ’02 and stayed till ’05. Worked for three different PDs. Greg Mozingo hired me. Great guy. I knew I had seen you in the building but I guess after all this time I forgot which building. But yes, I would have been honored. Still would be to talk to you one day. Thanks for the reply!

      • Gary Kerns

        Mr. Raab, you were at WEEP for awhile, weren’t you? I remember listening to a broadcast on that station I don’t remember who the jock was, but he asked “I wonder where Joel Raab is now?”, and of course he couldn’t hear me, but I said “WHK”. I believe that was in 1979. I was one of those rare 16-year-olds who loved country music. WHN was my favorite station of all time, but having lived my whole life in West Virginia, I had a hard time getting it down here, but suffice it to say I lived for trips to NYC, WHN’s home base, where I could listen to it to my heart’s content. WEEP was a pretty good substitute, though. In fact, the incident I told you about did happen in ’79, November 12, to be exact. My dad and I were driving around when I heard it. Thanks so much for your posting. BTW, I have a copy of Ed Salamon’s “WHN: When New York City went Country”. There was a jock at WHN, Bob “The Wizard” Wayne” who hailed from my home county. His birth name was Robert Wayne Satterfield. You’ve undoubtedly heard of him. He died at 48 in 1990. If you have any WEEP or WHN memories, would you please share them with me?

        • In 1979 I was at WEEP. If my real name got on the air – it was probably an inside joke. Sounds like something Jonathan Rhodes of the Jonathan and Terry show would have said. Good times. WEEP was a 50kw daytimer but a major force in Pittsburgh radio thanks to predecessors like Ed Salamon and Dene Hallam.

          • Gary Kerns

            Now that you mention it, I believe it was Jonathan Rhodes. The broadcast was either early afternoon or late morning, that much I know, and I’m positive about the date. I don’t know what 1080’s (Pittsburgh) call letters are now, but when last I heard it, it was a religious station. In the early 90s, it played oldies, then went back to country. It simulcast 107.9, which was (and still is WDSY). Thanks so much for your reply.

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