Imus in the Morning, Final Show on 1220 WGAR Cleveland | November 30, 1971

Imus in the Morning



Don Imus (KUTY/KJOY/KXOA/WGAR/WNBC/WHK/WFAN/MSNBC) was an American radio personality, television show host, recording artist, and author. His radio show Imus in the Morning aired on various stations and digital platforms nationwide until 2018.

For visitors to this website, you know the storied history behind Imus in the Morning. Fired in the WNBC purge of 1977, he would return to WNBC in 1979 and over the next decade would secure his place in broadcasting history as one of America’s greatest morning show hosts.

Imus in the MorningThis particular aircheck goes back to the very early years in Imus’ career. This was his final show in Cleveland before moving up to WNBC. This is a short aircheck, just under four and a half minutes in length, but it features Imus saying ‘goodbye’, Imus reading some letters from listeners and then a bit of the WGAR format going into the news. Presumably, this was right at the end of Imus’ final broadcast.

I wish we had more of this. It’s possible that someone recorded the whole final show, and its possible that we might get the full day broadcast. Hey, we have been around for 19 years this year and it happens…


The copy we got from our contributor has outstanding audio quality. This sounds as if it came directly from the source tape. BAA is an aircheck trader, so this is at least a second-generation recording, however, the quality remains excellent. The total time is 4:22 including watermarks.


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