Jackson Armstrong, WKYC Cleveland | March, 1967

1100 AM Cleveland, WKYC, WWWE, WTAM
WKYC Radio 1100 Cleveland

From deep in the Airchexx vault comes this rare recording of Your Leeeeeader, Jackson Armstrong in a typical lightning fast performance on WKYC. The source tape is a little muddy and this was obviously recorded slightly outside of the local signal contour since some fading is heard, but otherwise this is a decent sounding recording that will harken you back to the good ole days of AM radio, PAMS jingles and jocks who had fan clubs!

1100 WKYC Cleveland


  1. Dancin' Mark Hanson

    How great might this be if the audio actually worked? Thanks for wasting our time.

    • The audio works just fine. I tested it on multiple platforms. Might I ask what browser and device you’re using so that I may troubleshoot any problem that might have come up?

  2. Gary Kerns

    Was there a TV show starring Big Jack? I also remember when NBC News used that sounder> I was only 3 when this aircheck was made, but I remember the sounder in later years. Enjoyed this aircheck, despite the fact that it wasn’t very clear.

  3. lee

    I too am having problems with the audio. the old player worked great but somehow this new one just won’t work no matter what I’ve tried. Please look into this problem I am using the current windows 10. Thank you

  4. lee phillips

    I too am having problems with the audio. The old player worked great but not the new one. I’m using windows 10 on a Lenovo computer with a Comcast browser. please look into this problem and have a good week . Thank you

    • You guys were both right. Having moved the site back and forth between servers, I uploaded the audio to the wrong one. I fixed it. Happy listening!

  5. Stephen MacLeod

    I can`t get any of these airchexx working lately on my computer,they work great on my phone.I`m using firefox,with a linex operating system.

  6. Brian

    I refreshed the browser a couple of times then it worked fine.

  7. John Rieger

    Wow! I certainly remember WKYC and Big Jack. Never ever got into radio, but have been a radio geek, dx’er, collected surveys, studio in the house etc, because of this man. Excellent formatics, surveys which I collected, jingles. Couldn’t wait for the nighttime skywave!

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