Jay Coffey & Charlie Van Dyke, KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles | May 31, 1999

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Jay Coffey


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Jay Coffey (pronounced Co-FEY) is heard here through most of this recording made by contributor Steven Green from Austin Texas. Steven is a native of Brooklyn NY and loves to travel and record radio stations from around the country.

You’ll be fascinated at how GOOD this station sounds! The jocks present the Oldies in a CHR fashion. Up-tempo with lots of elements to create momentum. Even in the overnight there’s something going on at K-Earth 101.

Charlie Van Dyke is the imaging voice of K-Earth here and he’s also the Morning Man in 1999. Van Dyke says on his web page that this was his final job as a radio personality and he went out on top. These days, Van Dyke is still a sought-after voiceover talent. You can hear his voice on radio and television announcements, promos & sweepers.

This isn’t terribly long. Runs just over 9 minutes, telescoped to comply with copyright law regarding music compositions. But it’s 9 minutes of pure heaven for those who enjoyed the OLDIES version of K-Earth 101!

Courtesy of Contributor Steven Green


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