Jay Sawyer, 104.7 WALR Atlanta | 1990

104.7 Atlanta WALR WALR-FM WIFN WFSH KYTN Jay Sawyer
WALR-FM Atlanta as "Kiss 104.1"

New Contributor Jay Sawyer checks in with something different from the Atlanta market. We looked up WALR and found a confusing description online about the station being mainly an Urban outlet, and with different call letters around the time that this recording was made. So, we asked our Contributor for a few more details. Jay wrote back, and he recalls:

WALR 104.7 was a signal brought to Atlanta from Athens, GA. They were originally going on-air in 1989 but the FM tower fell…..TWICE. Around 1990 I started working there for just over a year when I believe Dickey Broadcasting decided to sell the station. I was then out of work. When I was there it had a “Light Rock” format in the middle of what B98.5 FM (WSB) and Star 94FM (WSTR)’s format. The new owners then changed format to KISS 104 and still kept the call letters WALR. At some point they traded frequencies with “The FISH” a Christian Rock station. It’s now 104.1 FM It’s still called KISS 104 (WALR) and it’s currently owned by COX Media (WSB et al) in Atlanta, GA.

Thanks! For more about WALR, you may query the FCCInfo.com search page here
You may read Wikipedia’s description of the WFSH (the former WALR) 104.7 Atlanta here.

104.7 Atlanta WALR WALR-FM WIFN WFSH KYTN Jay Sawyer

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  1. Gary Kerns

    At 0:51, Jay sawyer mentioned “He’s so Fine” at the end of “My Sweet Lord”. That case was taken to court, and it seems that they ruled against Harrison. Recently, “Blurred Lines” was found to have copied from 1977’s “Got to Give it Up”.

  2. Gary Kerns

    What I meant was, if memory serves me correctly, the (court, jury?) said Harrison did copy, “He’s so Fine”, but I know I’m right on “Blurred Lines”.

  3. Jay Sawyer

    Yes Gary, in both cases the guilty party lost their suit(s). Thanks for listening to my Air check!

  4. Jay Sawyer

    A quick footnote, the FISH is not the former WALR. WALR and the FISH did however switch frequencies for better coverage of both stations. WALR still operates as WALR (now 104.1 “KISS FM” rather than the original freq. of 104.7 FM) and is under the COX Communications banner.

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