Jean Shepherd Halloween Show ’72, 710 WOR New York | October 31, 1972

Jean Shepherd Halloween Show ’72, 710 WOR New York | October 31, 1972

Jean Shepherd, is probably best known to many as the writer, & the narrator of the holiday classic, “A Christmas Story. Jean was a master story teller. Every night, on KYW in Cleveland, then on 710 WOR New York, Jean would spend an hour telling tales of his childhood & adolescent years. Shep (as his fans would call him) told his tales of life’s ups & downs on Cleveland’s KYWfrom 1950 to 1954, & on WOR from 1956 to 1977. As a child, I would go to bed every night, riveted to his stories, with them sounding like the same narration he did on “A Christmas Story.” In this hour from October 31 1972, Jean talks about Halloween & Trick-or-Treating. In today’s busy world, it’s hard to take an hour to listen to anything, but if you can, try listening to this aircheck at bedtime, and listen to it in bed. You’ll get to hear the show the same way I did. Jean does such a great job paining pictures, that you can see what he’s talking about! -Ellis


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