Jerry Kristafer Show Close, 102.9 WDRC-FM “Big D 103” Hartford

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Jerry Kristaffer WJMJ
Longtime radio veteran Jerry Kristaffer at WJMJ


Jerry Kristafer is a longtime Southern New England broadcaster, best known for his time at both WKCI “KC101” Hamden (New Haven) and WDRC-FM Hartford, where he did morning drive. He went by the name “Crazy” Jerry Kristaffer, and for a long time, especially in his early years doing mornings, he did a lot of wacky things on the air. A very funny man indeed.

This is a short piece of audio, less than four minutes in length. Every Friday at the end of his show, he would do a wrap-up, much like the credits rolling at the end of a TV show. Many of the names mentioned were fictitious, but some were indeed real people! If you’re from Connecticut and remember Kristaffer’s show, you get it. Out of staters, probably not.   This is labelled 198x- meaning it was from sometime in the 80s, but nobody really knows when.

Today, Jerry Kristafer is still on the air doing mornings, but now at Sacred Heart University’s 88.9 WJMJ. It’s a Catholic station that happens to play Oldies, albeit with the mid-day Rosary being read and other Catholic-isms that I suppose only the faithful understand.

Tape donated by our good friend Ken Gilbert!


  1. steve tefft

    His Super Bowl reference at the very beginning dates this to th least week of January 1988, perhaps Friday the 29th.

    • steve tefft

      Should read “…to the last week of…”

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