Johnny Barrett on WKBW 1520 Buffalo | July 24, 1961

1520 Buffalo WKBW WWKB
WKBW 1961 Staff
WKBW 1961 Staff – Johnny Barrett 1st on the left


We don’t do it often, but the audio quality is so good on this that we take you back to 1961 for this pristine audio of WKBW in the early days of it’s Top 40 format. KB really WAS the biggest thing to ever happen to Buffalo! This aircheck proves why WKBW took off from it’s earliest inception as a Top 40 station in 1958 to become a legend among its fans right up through the early 80s.

1520 Buffalo WKBW WWKBIrv Weinstein reports “Pulse Beat News”, the old weather reports (it’s 74 KB-grees), real KLASSIC commercials (wow this shows how more ‘modest’ our society was), and those old, OLD jingles! Remember, this is an ORIGINAL recording of WKBW, not a recreation. Erv Weinstein was with WKBW for over 20 years!

Compare this with a much-later recording of Al Bandiero’s night show from 1979.

Current owner Entercom tried to capture lightning in a bottle in 2003 with its KB-Klassics ‘Real Oldies’ format recreation, but said after ending the format 3 years later that it was too expensive to justify operating with just a 2 share.

1520 has had the WWKB call letters since 1986 when Cap Cities sold it to Price Communications.  KB has been all sports ESPN since 2013 and today barely shows up in the Buffalo ratings.

Courtesy of Big Apple Airchecks and Russ Horton.


Click below for an Audio-Only scoped version of this recording.

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