Jumpin’ Jack Flash, 94.1 WOGY Memphis | July 22, 2000

94.1 FM Memphis, WOGY, Froggy 94

Steve WestDate of Recording: 07.22.00
Station: 94.1 WOGY Memphis, Tennessee
Featured Air Talent: Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Steve West)
Contributor: Steve West
Aircheck Entry: 1,425


“…We’ll show the big and boastful station how weekends are supposed to be – ALL REQUEST!”

How different are off-drive times in commercial radio today as opposed to 16 years ago? Well, when was the last time that you heard time checks, local weather conditions and phone calls on a Saturday afternoon?! From a time when stations actually cared about formatics over the weekend, Froggy 94 tries HARD to beat crosstown “Kix-106” (WGKX Memphis) in the ratings war, dispite having an inferior signal. Formatically, Froggy sounded better.

Froggy was live 24/7 in 2000. Even the overnights. This would change when the station flipped to Modern AC WMBZ The Buzz in January, 2001, but for now, management was still in the mindset of live and local all day, every day was the key. Today, most stations of any format are tracked – meaning nobody is home after PM drive ends at 6pm Friday. Reality in today’s cash strapped, highly automated radio world.

94.1 FM Memphis, WOGY, Froggy 94


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