Kelly Tyler, WZNF Lumberton MS | January 11, 2008

95.3 Lumberton Beloxi MS WZNF The Gorilla Z95.3

A correction as to the contributor of this aircheck is in order. This was sent in by longtime Contributor Jeffrey James. Not Rich Brother Robbin, as previously stated. Sorry for the mixup!

I can not tell you much about this radio station, other than sometime earlier this year it flipped to CHR as “The Gorilla”.

Kelly Tyler is the mid-day host, and sounds live, as opposed to voice tracked. The last few minutes of this 9 minute scope features the All-Request Lunch, they call it the Noontime Feeding Frenzy. Thats original!

95.3 Lumberton Beloxi MS WZNF The Gorilla Z95.3

Aircheck #1,265 since May 2, 2002!


  1. dogsbarker

    Boring, repetitive presentation. Are all US commercial music stations this bad? Thank god we have the BBC and not this rubbish in the UK.

    • Unfortunately, yes. Boring is the word, but don’t shoot the jock or pick on WZNF necessarilly. The bland repetitious and voice tracked formats you hear are so pervasive in the United States so as to bore any potential listener to death. Really great radio is so rare that stations which emphasise personality and a wide playlist are few and far between.

      Thanks for checking in from the UK!

  2. Jeffery James Holland

    Hey Steve, I sent ya this a few years ago and probably ended up in the wrong box! I’m still loving this site…………………….Jeffery James Holland

    • Wow, and I just went by a package with your name on it next to that tape. I think it just fell out and I couldn’t remember. I will fix asap! Thanks for noticing!

    • And, its fixed with a hyper-link to your list of contributions. Please feel free to point out errors and/or omissions.

  3. Jeffery James Holland

    Thanks Steve. Kelly and the rest of the jocks were live at The Mississippi Coast’s longtime rocker Z-95.3. “The Gorilla” is an attempt to compete with Triad’s 107.1 “The Monkey”

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