Ken Gilbert, Morning Drive, 97.1 WZRT “Z-97” Rutland VT | August 9, 1995

97.1 Rutland VT WZRT Z97 Z97.1

Steve, Squirt and Greg
Ken “Squirt Baby Shoot” Gilbert (center), Airchexx Founder Steve West (right)

From the Ken Gilbert collection, here’s another Z-97 aircheck from Ken’s box of tapes.

Ken Gilbert has been on New England radio stations for half a century! (don’t tell him I put it that way, he think’s he’s still 21!). The list of stations he was on include WDRC AM & FM Hartford, WAQY Springfield, WKNE-FM Keene, and this one, WZRT Rutland!

There are more KG airchecks out there, both the dozen or so I still have left to digitize, and Paul DiMarco, the guy who Ken Gilbert calls “the custodian of his career!”. I’ll post more later. This tape, like most that I got from Ken, was unscoped on the tape and I scoped it down for presentation. The mixdown is in mono, due to the left track not playing correctly. The age of the tape must have something to do with it, as I recently aligned the play heads.



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