KFMB-FM San Diego First Birthday Bash | March, 1976

100.7 KFMB-FM B-100
Bobby Rich from KTKT Tucson
Bobby Rich –
Image Courtesy Tucson.com

Recorded by somebody, in fact, probably many people on the occasion of KFMB-FM “B100 FM”s first birthday, this is from a donated cassette of the first anniversary of B100s “birth”! This is Bobby Rich’s B100, the brainchild of he and GM Paul Palmer. While we don’t have the exact date of the station’s launch and so, also, this first anniversary, somebody out there knows!

This was submitted on cassette and appears to have been a second-generation recording, although it sounds very close to the original.

Hang on to your hats! This is the highest energy CHR station you’ve ever heard! Its no wonder that Bobby Rich went on to RKO-General’s WXLO “99X” in New York after B100!

Heard in (and out of) order:

Bobby Rich
Beaver Clever
Rich Brother Robbin
Chuck Browning (The Original Chucker)
Glenn McCartney
Doc Holiday
Billy Martin
Johnny Toot
Gene Knight
Willie B Goode
… and others!

Isn’t it strange how life works?  A couple of these guys’ paths have crossed mine, and I’m just a small town jock not in their league!  Willie Bee worked in Boston.  I grew up just outside that market and heard him on WRKO… then, he worked at the same station (albeit, a different format) as I did in Memphis.  Rich Brother Robbin… PD of 98.1 The Cat WSRR in Memphis.  In the same building as where I worked, WGKX “Kix 106”!  And thankfully, Rich Bro was gracious enough to give me a couple of cassettes for inclusion on this site.  Well, after my prodding for six months!  Life is indeed strange!

Staying up for 100 hours straight is no small accomplishment. Judging by the recording, these guys all took turns on the mic. I have not (yet) reached out to Bobby Rich or Rich Brother Robbin to find out how they accomplished this feat, but my guess is they did one hour on the air then another jock took over while some slept. Or perhaps they really did, all stay up for 100 hours just to see if they could do it!


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