KMGI Seattle / I1077 Composite, Sometime Around 1990



Thanks to contributor Rob Sisco (WXLO 99X New York) for sending this in! Rob wrote the description below, and credit for producing this piece of audio goes to Greg MacArthur.

So this was circa 1990 when Bobby Rich was hired to be the general manager of KMGI / KIXI Seattle. He brought me in to be the programming, and operations manager.
Bobby was hired by John Lynch at Noble broadcast group who wanted him to re-create the station along the lines of the hot AC that he designed and programmed so successfully at B100 in San Diego, where he also did mornings as the Rich Brothers with Scott Kenyon, Frank Anthony, and Pat Gaffey.

Prior to Bobby taking over, the station had been magic 108 and oldies-base AC.

Even though the station was short-lived, it only lasted for a couple of years, it was really a fun and energetic adult-oriented radio station and we had a blast doing it!

The on-air lineup included Bobby, Kelly Stevens, and Alpha Trivette doing mornings as the iguys. Liz Summers, Storm Kennedy, and commander Denny McFly were also featured doing news weather and traffic.  Randy Lundquist did mid-days, he was later replaced by Kevin Cassidy.  Jeff King did afternoons, Ron Harris did evenings, Angie Goode did nights, and Rich Ellis did overnights.

The station did a ton of community involvement, including having a boat in the Seattle hydroplane races, and an enormous annual event in Seattle.
The music was straight ahead adult top 40 with a small category of new releases that fit the overall sound well and were there to differentiate it from the mainstream ACs and Top 40s in the market that we were fitting between. On this composite, you hear Michael Penn’s No Myth which was a great example of that category.
The legendary Ernie Anderson did the ID’s and the “jingles” were actually short songs, written and produced by Reiner Rey, a well-known Seattle agency owner and musician.
Hope you like it. We loved doing it!

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