Larry Lujack, KJR Seattle | 1966

From a CD donated to us back in our first year online, here’s the late Larry Lujack from before the Windy City ever knew him. This is a very energetic “Uncle Lar”, full of energy and one liners. No wonder WLS was eager to hire him after his time at “Channel 95”. KJR today is all-sports, as many of the original AM Top 40 stations have gone. But for many years, KJR WAS the station to listen to in Seattle!

950 Seattle KJR Larry Lujack Rhett Walker


  1. Gene Frederickson

    What great memories! Now THAT was radio!

  2. Scott Thompson

    Seattle Times obit said it all. If you were growing up in the Seattle area (as I did), you listened to only KJR (as I did). We all had a relationship with the KJR personalities. They went with us everywhere we went. Great air-check, really brought me back like it was yesterday.

  3. K. E. Owings

    I can remember listening to Larry in Seattle as a kid. Wonderful broadcaster. Chicago was lucky to have him for so many years. R.I.P. Larry.

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