Launch Day, 100.7 WXXP Pittsburgh | June 15, 1986

Nothing like an aircheck with no historical reference…

Given that the tape that this was recorded on only lists this aircheck as having been recorded in June of ’86, we can only guess as to the date. There is one promo in the middle of this recording that says, ‘on June 15, 1986 WWCL becomes WXXP’… and the fact that the aircheck is all new Rock and ‘100.7 Double-X’ liners using the WXXP call letters. This leads us to believe that this was recorded on launch day, 6/15/86, or perhaps a day or two either side of it. We’ll go with 6/15 for the purposes of this exhibit.

The format apparently didn’t last very long. On 8/22/88, 100.7 FM became WMXP, and then a succession of formats and call letters happened over the years, the last being on 1/19/2011 when the station took the heritage WBZZ calls. In between, it was WKQB before becoming the very popular WZPT.

This aircheck is jockless, with only liners and produced sweepers in between the songs. If you remember this station, we invite you to comment below.


  1. Joseph P.

    I like this aircheck a lot!

  2. Mark

    I soooooooo remember 100.7 WXXP – Double X and how much I loved it! I actually lived in Johnstown, PA at that time and had to have two antennas hooked up to pull in the signal on my Kenwood stereo receiver. The music was unlike anything I ever heard before and I became immediately addicted to the awesome music….from the Talking Heads, The Smiths, Sinead O’Connor to Siousie and Banshees, General Public and REM! I was also able to receive the signal (most of the time) in my car and made sure one of my radio presents was always on XX. Sadly, I remember tuning in one day only a few years later to hear that XX was gone…and sadly replaced with a pitiful MIX station. I swear I went through some serious withdrawal until I moved to MD and then found WHFS-FM 99.1 for my alternative music…but XX will always hold a tender place in my heart! Thank you XX for daring to be different!! You helped make music history!

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