Lisa Manning, WSRR 98.1 “The Cat” Memphis | September 27, 2004

From your Webmaster’s personal collection, here’s a ‘check of Lisa Manning on PD Rich Brother Robbin’s 98.1 The Cat Memphis from 2004.

Recorded off the air on a Boston Acoustics HD radio plugged into a TEAC dual Cassette recorder, this is a great sounding off the air aircheck of Lisa Manning on WSRR. The Cat was a 70s/80s Classic Hits station that prior to this aircheck and Rich Brother Robbin arriving, was known as “Star 98”. The Cat was simply a re-branding and re-packaging of the format which was mostly 70s driven, but at this point had opened up to a lot of 80s Rock hits.

I know that The Cat was voicetracked almost all shifts outside of the workday, having been doing morning news and weekends on sister WGKX “Kix 106 just two doors down the hall. Mornings at this time were JL Fisk and Wendi Hayes Mornings, Kay Manley (former PD of 104.5 WRVR and later Afternoon Drive on WGKX) Middays and PD Rich Brother Robbin holding down PM drive. Just about everything else was voicetracked including weekend. The imaging voice for this incarnation of WSRR was the great Charlie Van Dyke!

“The Cat” didn’t last too long. About a year after this aircheck, 98.1 The Cat morphed into “Maximum Rock” WXMX (3/21/05), a format that remains as of this writing. All the jocks heard on this and prior incarnations of what was WSRR moved on to other gigs. But, I have to say it sounded GREAT from my perspective. My only disappointment was that despite my asking, Rich Brother Robbin didn’t put me on the air there. If I’m lucky… very lucky, I’ll run into Rich again someday. Perhaps my luck will be better next time!

98.1 FM Memphis JL Fiske Wendi Hayes Kay Manley KPYR WXMX Lisa Manning Rich Brother Robbin WYKL WSRR WPYR


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