Loren & Wally, 105.7 WROR Framingham / Boston | March 21, 1998

104.7 Framingham Boston WVBF WKOX-FM WROR

Date of Recording: 03.21.1998
Station: 105.7 WROR Framingham, Massachusetts, USA
Format: Classic Hits
Current Owner: Beasley Radio Group
Featured Air Talent: Loren Owens; Wally Brine
Contributor: Anonymous


A staple of Boston radio since 1981, Loren Owens and Wally Brine have occupied the morning slot on the 105.7 FM frequency ever since taking over from another Boston legend, Dale Dorman, on the old WVBF. Through four different formats and three call letter changes, Loren and Wally have remained remakably consistent and remain Boston’s longest running morning show, second in history only to Carl DeSuze, who did mornings at WBZ for over 40 years. Wally Brine retired from WROR on December 16, 2016

While relatively recent (at over 10 years old, is this really ‘recent’?), this ‘check from 1998 showcases both the talent and the format at 105.7, which at this time was still an attempt at re-creating the former WROR at 98.5 (Now WBZ-FM “The Sports Hub”) from the early 1980’s. It was a good format, which included, for a time, former WROR (98.5) jocks Joe Martelle and Jimmy Roberts (I remember him as Jim Roberts in the 80s).

This is definitely worth a listen for the humor and for a format that was quite enjoyable to listen to.

104.7 Framingham Boston WVBF WKOX-FM WROR


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