Magic Christian, 105.7 WVBF Framingham (Boston) | May 16, 1975

105.7 Boston WVBF WROR Fairbanks 105.7 Framingham
Magic Christian WVBF
Magic Christian at WVBF. Image Courtesy of California Aircheck

Contributor Max Power sent this one in recently and, while it’s conspicuously low-fi (I think it sounds like it was recorded with a portable tape recorder held up to a car radio speaker), it’s rare to hear both Magic Christian, AND mid-1970s WVBF!

A few things to notice about this. First, its the first of many emerging FM contemporary music stations in the Boston area, and in a way, it sounds somewhat like WRKO (680 AM) with the pace and frequency of commercials – one or two songs, then one or two commercials… hey, that’s lots more tolerable than 12-minute commercial breaks we hear today! Second, the jingles! I believe these were produced by Heller. They are wierd sounding, but VERY unique. I don’t think any other station in the northeast had jingles that sounded like these. WVBF, at this time, was also called “The Electronic Mama”, but there’s no on-air reference to it on this recording.

There’s no loud, in-your-face station imaging with thunderous sound effects, just a great jock and a stack of teeny bopper records doing great radio. You can read about WVBF and it’s owner, Richard Fairbanks in this brief Wikipedia stub about the current WROR, and “WVBF” right here on!  As a side note, there’s actually very little information left on the web about former owner Richard M. Fairbanks, and most references defer to the meaning of the WVBF call letters as, “Welcome, Virginia Brown Fairbanks”, Virginia Brown being his wife.   There used to be an entire writeup of Mr. Fairbanks, but at the time of this writing, I can’t seem to locate it.

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