Mark Van Gelder on 1190 KJLA Kansas City | 1979

Mark Van Gelder on 1190 KJLA Kansas City | 1979

KJLA 1190 Kansas City – Mark Van Gelder – 1979

From the Dean O’Neal collection.

Back in the late 1970s, radio stations across the country were jumping on the “all Disco” music format as a quick ratings fix. For many stations, they did see an uptick in listeners numbers. Some Disco stations became the number one station in town, like WKTU New York.  But by the end of 1979, the floor seemed to be falling from under many of these stations. By 1980, many of these stations had altered, or even completely abandoned the format as musical tastes had changed. This aircheck features one of the all Disco stations of the era, 1190 KJLA Kansas City. You’ll hear Mark Gelder on the air.  Today Mark Van Gelder works at iHeart Media San Francisco. -Ellis



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