Michael P., 105.1 KMJX “Magic 105” (Conway) Little Rock | October 23, 1989

105.1 Little Rock KMJX

“…We’re dealing with goofy middle names today”

Like much of the Little Rock radio market as of this writing in 2013, the station formerly known as “Magic 105” has changed formats, this time to Country. But here in 1989, KMJX was a Rock station. Not knowing exactly the form of this format at the time, it SOUNDS like Classic Hits, although this may have simply been an evolving Classic Rocker or even Active Rock, although there’s not much ‘new’ music heard in this portion of the Morning show. They do get a request for Fine Young Cannibals, during a phone call just before a News break. Did you know there was a UFO sighting in Pine Bluff, Ark? That’s what Michael P. says…

As with most of our airchecks, this is scoped. Even the NEWS is scoped. Enjoy what you hear!

105.1 Little Rock KMJX

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  1. The on-air talent is actually Tommy Smith with Michael P doing the news breaks. Magic 105 was an evolving classic rocker as you said in the description. It had been a Conway station for many years until they were able to upgrade the signal and move it head on into Little Rock. It was sad to see it go – arguably one of the most legendary stations in Little Rock history. Tommy is now doing mornings on KABZ 103.7, and Michael P unfortunately passed away about ten years ago.

  2. Justin Roark

    Tommy Smith sounds young as f@ck here

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