MicroChexx: A Promo and ID from WMXX Jackson TN | October 11, 2005

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In October, 2005, your webmaster was frantically recording as much of West Tennessee radio as possible before moving out of the area permanently. I’m not sure where I recorded this clip from, but it was either from the 3rd floor of 1070 Union Avenue in the WMC-FM studios or at my apartment in East Memphis.

All this is is a one minute concert promo, followed by a legal ID going into a Beatles song. Probably the shortest aircheck on this site to date.

An FCC records check indicates that 103.1 is still WMXX (as of this writing), and one would guess the station is probably either still Oldies or (more than likely) Classic Hits. It was mostly an automated station in 2005. We’ve no logo for this station either. So, there ya go. If you’re familiar with this station, this may be of interest to you.

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  1. Dan Fox

    This station was WJAX (J103) in a previous life-but drifted off into oblivion when WZDQ (Q102) started up in the 80’s, and it lost what listeners it had. I was doing 7-mid. on Q102 in the late 80’s-wish I had kept my airchecks. Now that was a fun station to work at!

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