Mike McGann, 96.1 WXKX Pittsburgh | 1982

96.1 WXKX Pittsburgh
96 KX Pittsburgh

Date of Recording: 1982 (Exact date unknown)
Station: 96.1 WXKX Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Featured Air Talent: Mike McGann (WIXZ, WXKX)
Contributor: Mike McGann
Airchexx Entry: 1,450


We can’t pin down the exact date of this scope but essentially, its from sometime in 1982. The recording itself was pretty good quality, we only did some light processing. The aircheck was already scoped down by it’s Contributor.

96.1 WXKX Pittsburgh
96 KX Pittsburgh


  1. MGD

    Thanks for posting this. The date is march 30 1982. the DJ mentions that the space shuttle Columbia landed safely in White sands, NM that morning which is how I pinned down the date. This was a strange format for this station. In the 70s, they were a high-energy top 40 station, and they would eventually return to that format later in the 80s. This odd mix of rock and pop tunes with an almost MOR delivery, while an enjoyable listen, would be hard for people to latch on to, so returning to top 40 was a good move for them.

  2. Those were some overall great tunes they played. It’s a drag radio will never be like this again.

  3. Mike McGann

    The approach at 96KX was to be laid back in jock delivery, yet pop in music… We did really well for about 3 years in the ratings. But the decision to go after WDVE abandoned our listeners to the new B-94-fatal mistake by management

  4. LZ

    I recall this station as “96 KICKS” ..

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