Mike Sheridan, 710 WGBS Miami | April 21, 1978

710 Miami WGBS

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…Music Radio 7000, the new WGBS… Got the music you wanna hear…

When was the last time you heard a complete overnight music show six-hour Condensed down to 39 and a half minutes, scoped, here’s the full six hour live show that Mike Sheridan did – recorded from the station skimmer tape machine!

As the story goes, supposedly the reason that WGBS re-branded to call itself Music Radio Seven-Thousand was… well I guess, probably an act of desperation. They wanted a station name that was longer than Y-100*

A few personal observations. First, I like Mike Sheridan. He’s up overnight, hopefully with a 32 oz coffee mug! Does the show almost perfect, with only a couple of hiccups, toward the end. Second… the format. This station sounds like a number of AM music stations from that general era, stations such as 99 (990 AM) WNOX Knoxville… no jingles, but with decent imaging and capable jocks. The playlist is straight ahead Top 40, perhaps leaning more Rock than pop. But… and herein lies the problem. Backselling each and every song, and saying what album it came from. Now seriously, even the DISCO songs? Because this is scoped SO tightly, it almost sounds as if breaks run together, and so hearing the names of each and every album that every top 40 song came from really is overkill. Perhaps its okay if you’re trying to sound as if you’re an Album Oriented Rocker on FM, but even then… the AOR stations were playing 3 and 4 songs before talking and at least it didn’t sound so monotonous hearing albums backsold. Ok. Point made.

Strange. I don’t remember much about a WGBS in the history of broadcasting in the Miami Market. I tend to think of WIOD or some other stations when I think about Miami. Someone can fill in the blanks.

* Per a response to that question during a discussion about WGBS by Mike Sheridan, RadioDiscussions.com, 2009


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