Mike St. John, 98.1 WOGL “Oldies 98” Philadelphia, Part 1 | September 9, 2001

98.1 Philadelphia WOGL Oldies 98

From new Contributor Joseph Anthony, a two-part clip of WOGL and it’s original OLDIES format featuring the hits from 1955-1975. While it seems like Oldies has been dying a slow death, actually it’s only been the past five years or so that the 50s and 60s music has been replaced and the format morphed into “Classic Hits” from the 70s, 80s and even early 90s at most former Oldies outlets.

That said, Here’s Mike St. John, filling in for Hy Lit just two days before the 9/11 attacks (that date mentioned as a point of reference).

98.1 Philadelphia WOGL Oldies 98


  1. The man, the myth, the ledgion, my dad! Nice to see he is remembered!

    • Michael

      Sean ..
      Do you remember WAY back when your mom used to party at a nightclub with a woman named Karen? Had 2 kids named Mike and Kristy? We all used to hang out at your house and you basically babysat us when our moms went out to have fun.. Ring a bell? At all?

    • Bob Patterson II

      Hy Lit or Mike St. John?

  2. Freddie

    Happy Birthday Mike St John. I miss your hot lunch Come on back

  3. Bob Patterson II

    Wow two days before America had changed!

  4. Michael McDevitt

    I miss Working with Mike St. John We had a Blast Doing the Hot Lunch on Oldies 98 WOGL Fun Times

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