Bill Lee, 99 1/2 WLOL Minneapolis | 1985

99.5 Minneapolis WLOL

Fresh from KFRC, Bill Lee (Lenke at WTIC-FM) is showcased here, with a lightning fast delivery just like the weather hammering the Twin Cities this particular evening. Tornado watches and warnings abound and Lee is as entertaining delivering the weather as he is the hits. This is an incredible airchceck, and its been re-mastered for better audio quality.

This was originally billed as part of Minneapolis CHR WARS Distributed by Florida-based East Coast Airchecks, this was another great contribution from Robyn Watts! There were two parts consisting of various airchecks. We’ve split them up into their own presentations here.

99.5 WLOL, Circa 1985


  1. Sammy Kiser

    unbelieveable!! Never heard anyone think so fast to put rhymes together and make them fit with his format. why cant these stations be like this today? Instead they hire a company come in and tell you what you should be playing? What do you need a progam director for then? Music should come from inside just like these stations in the 80’s. Todays radio borrrring!!! Lets get these stations and jocks back the way it used to be!!! and please can we stop with the rap up in the club puffin on bud and down grading women!! Enough is enough of that small mentality

  2. Jason

    The one thing that stands out rather than Lee’s rhymes is the fact that ‘LOL, like many other radio stations, was serving its area by keeping people on the alert about severe weather, as evidenced on this aircheck. Good show all around…

  3. I’m mowin’ what yer growin’ Sammy! Boss jockin’ was boss! The 80s saw the last vestiges of what originated in the 50s — I doubt the listening audience today would know what hit them if they brought it back. Thank gawd we’ve got the airchecks to wax nostalgic with!

  4. AJ

    They ruled in the early 90s. I lost the tape that had the goodbye rap they did before they went off the air. Ill never forget them days 🙂

    I cant stand KDWB.

  5. Chris Sharp

    This was great to listen to some Classic Bill Lee !! whats funny about the Minnapolis stop for Bill for about a year Former KFRC’er Mark Mckay was doing afternoons at KDWB, they both bailed out of the city by the bay and headed for the twin cities. Mark and Bill were very good friends at KFRC aswell as neighbors at there condo complex in the Bay Area. Mark left KDWB in the sumemr of 84′ to head back to be apart of KMEL 106.

  6. Jay Philpott

    I can tell you from working with Bill at WLOL that there were NO NOTES. He did everything extemporaneously, right off the top of this head. Once, I was talking to him about a Twins game during a song and 10 seconds before it ended he said: “hold on bud”…put on the cans and did an amazing break OF COURSE.!

  7. Matt Schwind

    I idolized Bill Lee (at WLOL) when I was a baby DJ in the eighties. To this day I can still hear him say, “it’s the end of the show and Mr. Lee has got to go. Remember to stay calm, kiss your Mom, ban the bomb, remember God loves you man. Phil Houston is coming up next with what everybody expects – 99 and a half minutes of music on WLOL” – ramped to the milisecond when the signing says, “This is the End” – followed by Bill saying, “I just said that!”

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