Morning Drive, News Talk 850 WHDH Boston | October, 1993

Morning Drive, News Talk 850 WHDH Boston | October, 1993

850 Boston WHDH

Often, it’s important to post something that’s more of a historic recording, one that tells a story of what’s happening in the world at a given moment. This tape, donated by contributor David Boucher, is important for two reasons. First, it gives us a glimpse into the world as told by CBS news and the WHDH morning news department. George Herbert Walker Bush is still president at this point and you hear some comments from the former president on if he will miss being president the following year. Karen Grace does an interview highlighting the problem of teen suicide in 1993. It seems some things have been issues for a very long time. Of course, we get to hear the normal traffic and weather reports along with plenty of news items from the Boston area in addition to national and world stories. The second reason this is important is that WHDH was less than a year away from expiration – 590 WEEI would take the 850 frequency on August 28, 1994 and with it, Boston’s first full-time sports format. This version of WHDH was fairly short-lived, having just begun in March 1993 in order to distinguish itself from ratings leader WBZ 1030 – itself having gone all news during the height of the first Gulf war.

As with all the tapes donated by David Boucher, this one is a very high-quality recording having been made on a decent AM receiver, perhaps this came directly from the WHDH air monitor. It is an ORIGINAL recording, the only one I know of that is in existence. Posted here in the interest of history.


David Boucher is known for his nights on WMJX “Magic 106.7” Boston. He has made numerous recordings of Boston and the surrounding smaller market stations and has decided to share what he has with us.


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