“Mr. 70s” Paul DiMarco, 98.3 WDAQ Danbury | September 16, 1995

“Mr. 70s” himself, Paul DiMarco contributed this aircheck of himself on WDAQ. It’s a 70s Saturday night and Paul plays the 70s classics, a specialty of his which continues today on the “Totally 70s” Internet station. The station was featured on Stickam.com, but Stickam went out of business a few weeks ago as of this writing. There is a new host and I will update this post with it shortly.

Mr. 70s does a great, upbeat show, even here on this station which is just outside the New York City radio market. You’ll really enjoy this high quality aircheck which runs 18 minutes, scoped!

98.3 FM Danbury Ct WDAQ

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  1. Donovan Tildesley

    Can’t seem to find the “Play” icon for this one.

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