Murray the K, WINS New York | Sometime, 1962

Murray The K 1010 New York WINS

Thanks to Ray Bozzanca for digging up this original tape of the old WINS with Murray the K at the helm. This one starts out wierd…. didn’t all his shows start out that way?. Now, this isn’t scoped quite the way you normally hear them. It IS scoped, but its kinda in haphazard fashion, in the sense that, Murray jumps in whenever he wants in a record, so the recording starts and stops in wierd places. Rather than attempt to fix it, I just left this recording as recieved

One thing I forgot to ask our contributor but I’ll assume from the sound of the recording… Is this from the original Reel?


  1. Ray Bozzanca

    Hi Steve,
    Yes, this is a dub off of the original reel recording which is long gone.This aircheck features two rare “mystery bits” short stories that Murray used leading into the current songs of the year, like a Chiller Theatre approach.A few Ah Bey’s in there as well and just before the song So Far Away by the Pastels you can detect the blast from the past “fire extinguisher”sound that was used.

  2. Peter Altschuler

    Except for the two Mystery Bits, the recording makes it hard to get any sense of what Murray’s shows were really like — a mixture of to-the-second scripting and preparation with enough off-the-cuff improvisation to keep kids tuned in between the songs.

  3. Cris

    People who only think of Murray the K as the guy who called himself The Fifth Beatle could learn a lot about what this music on the radio was supposed to be like by listening to Murray from his pre-Beatle days.

  4. Don Tandler

    Based on the songs played, I can narrow down the date of this show to late August or early-mid September, 1962.

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