Nancy Plum, 57 KLAC Los Angeles | April 12, 1988

570 Los Angeles KLAC



Among the mighty AM signals floating around Southern California is this one on 570. Before KZLA came along, this was a major force in Country Music, as there were just two other AM stations playing Country music. KLAC had the biggest signal by far.

Here is a description of the KLAC format as written at Wikipedia:

As the 1970s began, Los Angeles had two country music stations, KFOX and KIEV.[7] But neither station had a signal as powerful as that of KLAC. With this, on September 28, 1970, KLAC decided to drop adult contemporary for country music. The number one on the station’s first “Big 57 Survey” was “For The Good Times” by Ray Price.

The original DJs included Deano Day, Gene Price, Harry Newman, Sammy Jackson and Jay Lawrence, joined the following year by Dick Haynes, Charlie O’Donnell and Larry Scott. L.A. veteran DJ Nancy Plum (KTNQ, KMPC) was heard in the last days of the country format.

In the fall of 1980, KLAC got some serious competition in the country music field, including a station on FM; KZLA-FM (93.9) and KZLA (1540 AM) switched to country, followed in December 1980 by KHJ. (KHJ would return to oldies on April 1, 1983.) KZLA-AM-FM and KLAC competed through the 1980s. During this time, KLAC DJ Harry Newman could also be heard as the image voice for KCOP-TV, which had been co-owned with KLAC until the late 1950s. (KCOP later became a sister station to KTTV, which previously was co-owned with KLAC for 21 years.)

Nancy Plum was a veteran DJ, having worked elsewhere in the L.A. market, perhaps most notably at Top 40 1020 KTNQ Ten-Q a decade earlier. What you hear on this recording is a very smooth and polished Nancy Plum from her personal aircheck collection. This is her digitized skimmer tape recorded at KLAC.


Nancy PlumNancy Plum is the author of a book about her experiences in radio called, “Do Not Air – Radio Stories and other Wierd Stuff”. It’s available on (click HERE for the book)
Nancy Plum has over 4 decades in radio and is available as a voiceover talent. She has donated over a dozen airchecks of her personal work and her colleagues to this website.
You can hear more of Nancy’s work and view her other contributions to this website by clicking THIS LINK.




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