Nancy Plum Overnights on 1020 KTNQ Ten-Q Los Angeles | April 4-5, 1978, Part 2

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Nancy Plum’s “skimmer” tape from Ten-Q

This tape turned out to have far more excitement than one could possibly imagine from an old, beat up bare cassette.


Part 2 of this scope is a compilation of two days worth of KTNQ Los Angeles. Its mostly Nancy Plum, but contains a few breaks from Gary Cocker, whose filling in for morning man / Ten-Q Program Director John M. Driscoll, and later, a few minutes that represent at least the first hour of Mr. Driscoll himself… at the end of this recording.


Once again, we are treated to a very high-fidelity recording of what appears to be parts of two shows recorded onto this tape at KTNQ 1020 radio. First-generation tapes can be nice! There’s very little tape hiss, but the station’s on-air processing is caught on tape, as this likely was recorded from the station’s air monitor.


Nancy PlumNancy Plum is the author of a book about her experiences in radio called, “Do Not Air – Radio Stories and other Wierd Stuff”. It’s available on (click HERE for the book)
Nancy Plum has over 4 decades in radio and is available as a voiceover talent. She has donated over a dozen airchecks of her personal work and her colleagues to this website.
You can hear more of Nancy’s work and view her other contributions to this website by clicking THIS LINK.




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