NYC 80s CHR Wars: Kid Kelly on Z-100

100.3 FM New York, WHTZ, Z100

Kid Kelly these days is the host of nationally-syndicated “Backtracks USA”, where he produces both an 80s and a separate 90s version of the show, delivered on CD to Hot AC stations nationwide. Its cool. Even more cool, is this recording of Kelly on WHTZ New York!

Kid Kelly has so much energy here, and if you’re used to that geeky little voice (Ryan Seacrest wannabe?) voicing Backtracks USA on your favorite Hot AC, this will be an awesome aircheck. Not only does Kelly really COOK on this aircheck, but that scripted, syndicated approach is nowhere to be found and we hear all Kelly and his real talent!

This is why Kid Kelly got the host gig. In our opinion, while others may have a more, ahem, ‘professional’ approach, or more humor, none were more exciting and upbeat to listen to than Kelly. Listen now and find out why.

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  1. Kelsea

    I can’t stand Kid Kelly’s voice! Ever since MG left I can hardly stand to listen to the program just because of his voice.

  2. Elissa McKinnon

    Todays backwords track is “Don’t you want me?” By- Human League.

    • J. Knapp

      It was again January 3, 2010

  3. Victoria Garcia

    I LOVE Kid Kelly! Thanks for posting the memories…

  4. tina

    hello my name is tina i think kid kelly is a good dj and has a good voice. could you please play prince 1999 thank you

  5. tina

    hello kid kelly i just wanted to know if you could make mea 80,s tapes . email me i will give you my adress thank you. i think there is rude people out there

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