NYC 80’s CHR Wars: Al Bandiero on WQHT

97.1 FM New York, WQHT

“…It’s time to play with the monkey!”

Here’s your webmaster’s favorite jock (the one who inspired me to do radio in the first place), kicking off another incredible edition of East Coast Airchecks’ CHR WARS, courtesy of Robyn Watts!

Bandiero was and is no stranger to bigtime markets, in fact we have him featured elsewhere here on at WIFI 92 Philadelphia, WKBW Buffalo and WXLO 99X (on our tribute site)! Here’s Al, in a three-aircheck composite on Hot 97 from the early 90s. After listening to him at these other stations, we think you’ll agree that Al Bandiero is absolutely at the TOP of his game on this WQHT aircheck. This really is one of his best and we hope you’ll take a listen as we head back to the 90s and another installation of CHR WARS!

WQHT Hot 97

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  1. Brady Castleberry

    I can tell Emmis wasn’t too big on using weather beds. After listening to checks of HOT 97 and WAVA, it appears the talent just read the weather over song intros or dead air. Any reason these Emmis stations didn’t use weather jingles/beds?

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