Old Legal IDs from 1981 – Sample 1

107.3 Worcester Boston WAAF

106.9 Hartford, WCCC, Howard Stern, Litch, John O'Brien, Mike Karolyi

Some time ago, Contributor Bill Nollman sent in a couple of hours of station legal IDs. I’d have posted the first 45 minutes as one segment, but frankly, the audio quality is so horrible, I don’t know how many of our visitors would listen all the way through. But, from 1981, what you do hear is really interesting.

I’ve been looking for some 20 years or longer for a Top of the Hour ID from WAAF from the days when I was in high school… and here they are! And WCCC, WHCN, WBCN, WCOZ plus a few more. There’s only just under 3 minutes of these, but trust me, the audio is horrible. This really is simply for a bit of nostalgia! Enjoy!


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