Peter Dean, 101.9 WTMX Chicago | June 12, 1992

101.9 Chicago 101.9 Skokie WTMX Mix 102 The Mix 101.9

Mix 102 is your ticket to Summer

Charlie Van Dyke is the imaging voice for this Hot AC station known as “Mix 102” Licensed to Skokie, Il., you’re listening to the Mix Morning show with Peter Dean. The source tape had no date associated with this recording, but it’s former president George H.W. Bush’s birthday, which was the clue to the official date of this broadcast.

This is a very clean, crisp recording. When this was live, the station was known as Mix 102. That’s been changed over the years and today, the format is still Hot AC, and called The Mix 101.9.

101.9 Chicago 101.9 Skokie WTMX Mix 102 The Mix 101.9

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  1. Vision Of Love By Mariah Carey (1991), Take A Strong, Strong Man By Rick Astley (1988), Rush, Rush By Paula Abdul (1992), Arthur’s Theme By Christopher Cross (1981), My Life By Billy Joel (1979) I Loved That Song Is Unscoped Version, (Stop Scoped Tape On It) Do Not Push Pause Just Leave It Alone Tape On & Listening To Music Please, Just Play Recording Unscoped Cassette Versions On MP3 It’s Free! I Love Unscoped Version! On Peter Dean, WTMX-FM (Mix 101.9) June 12, 1992 (Unscoped), Thanks Steve West I’m Sad Scoped Versions Not Very Happy (No Sad Unscoped Versions Is Very Happy). It’s Good Songs.

    • Christopher, I’m going to re-iterate, once again, the fact that I do not post unscoped airchecks, except in VERY rare circumstances (and those don’t stay online long). Sorry it bothers you but after all this time, I would think you’d have figured it out that you will only find scoped radio here, for all the reasons I have mentioned in the past.

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