Peter Young, Capital Radio London (UK) | March, 1990

95.8 London Capitol FM Radio

London UKContributor Bob Jones writes:

Listened to the Capital Radio aircheck. Unreal how clean it is, isn’t it? Hard to believe I recorded it in the newsroom at KCEE in Tucson! I went ballistic when I found that feed and started rolling 12 inchers on the news R2R. The extra nice surprise of course, it being in the damned newsroom was it was in STEREO!!

This ‘check is rather short. It ends right at the seven-minute mark, but in those seven minutes, you’ll enjoy some high energy British-style Top 40! This is telescoped, as usual, however, I did leave in the commercials. I LOVE the accent! Bob is right. This is a clean and nearly perfect stereo recording. I didn’t do a thing to it, as far as processing goes.

This is Peter Young. The imaging for Capital Radio is right where it should be for a flamethrowing CHR! “Hot Rockin’ 95.8”

I didn’t know digital FM radio receivers picked up 95.8.  It’s in between North America’s odd-numbered system.

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  1. P, Dan

    The memories! loved the early Capital Radio, waited to hear it start in October ’73 at 5am
    Now here I am in Tucson

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