Ken Gilbert, WDRC-FM 103 (102.9) Hartford | 1982

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Ken Gilbert at Wacky 102
Ken Gilbert promotional from WAQY “Wacky 102”

WDRC-FM, from 1986 to 2014 was a live, personality-based Oldies station.  It had been a Top 40 outlet beginning in 1969, with a three-year period as Album Rock from 1977-1980.   The station has been Classic Rock as “The Whale” since 2015.  This is a rare ‘check of Ken Gilbert (WAQY, WDRC-AM 1360) on ‘DRC-FM 103 from 1982, before the station made the move to Oldies. In ’83, both the AM and the FM side went Oldies, and if I remember correctly, the move to Oldies was gradual, rather than an abrupt format change.

This is very short and includes one jingle… Listen as DRC-FM plays the hits of the day – today’s Hartford listeners might be somewhat shocked to remember this particular time period on 102.9!




Ken Gilbert is today the Afternoon personality on 92.1 WVTK serving Middlebury, Vermont.92.1 Middlebury VT Port Henry NY WVTK

Courtesy Contributor Paul DiMarco

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  1. Ken Gilbert

    This was my first gig after leaving WACKY 102 FM, and it was overnight’s Christ. Spent 10 years there. Thanks Paul & Steve! Good memories that radio in the 80’s was good!

  2. Ken Gilbert

    By the way, my show, 7 till midnight, started The Oldies format. Nice!!

    • bobby

      Yes many of us remember our music that we grew up to. we can”t take it a way from us. What was once on the charts,is still in our hearts. I remember you saying this phase,Ken

      • Ken Gilbert

        Long live the 60’s 70’s & 80’s!!!!

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