QuickChexx: Paul Kramer on Mix Jamz 100.7 WMXP Pittsburgh | April 11, 1990

100.7 Pittsburgh WMXP Mix Jamz

Oh yes, this is short, but if you go back 16 years, believe it or not… hip hop was in it’s infancy, and very much mixed in with mainstream R&B. And, this is what it sounded like…

100.7 Pittsburgh WMXP Mix Jamz


  1. Herk

    Wow… Man this station kicked ass…. RIP Mix Jamz

  2. SKIP


  3. Michael B.

    Mix Jams. Wow, so many memories 17 years later. Great D.J.’s Great music. I used to spend overnights at the 100.7 studios back in the day. I remeber that it was in Millvale and next to a bowling alley. I’m trying to locate Andrea who was a d.j. but I don’t think she used her real name. Her real name is Andrea. i don’t remember her radio name. If anyone knows who i’mtalking about please let me know.
    Michael B.

    • Todd

      HI Michael. I think her on air name was Kim Donavan

  4. Kimberly

    I remember being at my grandmas house on the north side (brighton road) with my red walkman…..listening to the very last song ever played on mix jamz….i must have been in the 5th grade….soooo nostalgic…everything…the house..grandmother…walkman….the station….anyone remember the name and artist…day and time of the last song??? i’d love to know….i think it was very late at night…maybe 1am or so…

  5. Melinda

    My stepfather was one of the DJ’s on 100.7 back in the day. Jay Silver was his DJ name. He’s still DJ’ing. 🙂

  6. Bob

    The first DJ on this air check is Alan Patterson, who was known as D.C. Taylor when he did nights at Mix Jamz. Before that, he was in Harrisburg as Bubba B. Badd. Paul Kramer never had a regular shift at Mix Jamz. He was a swing-shifter/weekender. Paul was better known from his time at WXXP – Double X. I used to do bits and parody songs for the morning show, as well as the V.O. intro for Jay Silvers when he did afternoon drives at the station.

    • Yes you’re right, I was better known for my time at XX and at MixJamz I was actually the Music Director and did an airshift as needed. It was a good station for Pittsburgh at the time, but XX was better! 😉

  7. Bob

    Now that I think about it, Paul’s last name is spelled Cramer. Sorry, Paul.

  8. Tony Q. Foxx

    Nice to hear a bit of my old buddy D.C. Taylor.
    Thanks to all the people who remember us! D.C and I have worked together in Ocean City Maryland at 100KHI, Pittsburgh at MIX JAMZ 100.7 (our favorite ever!) and WIRK in West Palm Beach Florida. We miss our old buddies: Rich Hawkins, Bill Webster, Jay Silvers, Mark Anthony, Dan Simon, Vicki Cohill, and all the others! We all too thought it was the greatest station ever! Thank you all for listening! Tony Q. Foxx

  9. Ralph M.

    I loved this station! I actually have a casette recording of the last few nights when it was on the air when DC Taylor (I think it was him) played nothing but TV Tunes for like 48 hours straight! Well, those and “Rumpshaker”, and “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston. He told everyone he got fired for playing the same two songs over and over again the previous night. 🙂 I recorded it on and off until they switched over to country with the first song of “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks. I think I almost cried when that happened as I hated country with a passion back then! 😛 There are still bumper stickers for it displayed around town if you know where to look. 😉 Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  10. Jay Silvers

    Nice to know Mix Jamz is still remembered. Some of the best times I’ve had in radio. I’m still lucky enough to be in Pittsburgh working at Sheridan Broadcasting and doing voice over work for radio and tv stations around the country. DC Taylor and I still get together, he is working in New York. Rich Hawkins is somewhere running a Clear Channel radio cluster in or outside of Los Angeles, Bill Webster was at Alice in San Francisco. Tony playing country music…There are a lot of good stories to be told.
    Thanks for all the good memories!

    Jay Silvers

    • Jackie Kipilo

      Do you know where I can get hold of any playlists from 100.7 Mix Jamz night at Metropol (Saturdays) or WPNIX (Fridays) I just want to hear the music again.

  11. Dan Simon

    Always great to hear a piece of the Jamz!
    I was a weekend jock there, and occasionally filled in for DC “What’s down my pants” Taylor. Too much fun!
    Let’s not forget about Trina, who called in to everybody’s show, and could always be counted on to deliver classic soundbites.
    As for Kimberly’s question about the final song, it was “End fo the Road” by Boyz II Men. It ended at midnight Dec 31, 1992. For many, it was the day the music died.

    Dan Simon

    • Ray Bozzanca

      After reading the posts here about Al Patterson aka D.C. Taylor just happen to have one tape of Al in 1994 at station B103 in Long Island at its infancy.He was still doing his bit “whats in my pocket” or pants!!

  12. Bill Jackson

    Thanks for the memories……I was a loyal listener of Mix Jamz and went to WPNIX Night Club in Harmarville every Friday where Mix Jamz would broadcast live for the Friday night dance party. I still love listening to early hip hop and dance music. I will never forget how they changed their format….Not sure what year(maybe someone can help) but I went to bed listening to hip hop and woke up to country music. I was in shock and will always miss the great music and good times at WPNIX!

    Bill Jackson

    • Jackie Kipilo

      I remember D.C. Taylor at both WPNIX on Fridays, then Metropol on Saturday nights! Those were great times and the best music around.

  13. Jan (Bencivenga) Caldwell

    I hope some of you remember me! I loved working with all of you guys! I was the office manager at Mix Jamz. I really worked for Chris. Jay….remember trying to teach me one line for a promo….so sorry….took me much longer than others….and yes, Andrea, if you are anywhere around please keep in touch…Jay, was surprised to hear about “stepdaughter”! I have one too!!! Tony Q….I’ll always love you! AND Dick Oppenheimer….thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with Mix Jamz…the best of the best!!!!

    • Tony Q. Foxx

      I remember you Jan! How are you? Nice to see all the people remember us a little bit…I miss everything about the Mix Jamz Days! Tony Q.

  14. Scott St. John

    Good to hear this aircheck. I was fortunate enough to work Saturday into Sunday morning on Mix Jamz. Rich treated me with as much respect as the full time guys. I was a PD at another station during the week and used to “borrow” the idea’s from Mix Jamz 🙂

    I think I remember Andrea too… didn’t she run the Hot Mix party live from that club on Saturday nights before I went on? Jay usually did the broadcast live and she ran the board. There are several people I love to hear from.. I’m doing mornings at WRFY in Reading, PA. Drop a line when you have time.

    And I still use Tony Q’s line – “and your point” on a regular basis.

  15. DC Taylor

    HOLY SHI@… My ears were ringing and I cam here…so nice to hear from and about so many of you…Scott st john that prick! (love ya!) would do a dead on impersonation of the PD rich hawkins on the hot line and fu%k with me, jay, miss ya and have to get back to the burgh, dan simon, truth be told I thought you were too good, so I didnt want you to fill in for me. I would tell rich to put in Karen who I also love dearly. Jan, good to hear from you, Tony Q worked with me in west palm beach fla. I work at an oldies station saturday afternoon usually 3-8 pm //www.wlng.com 92.1 fm in sag harbor, NY. LOVE YA
    DC/Al Patterson

    • Jan (Bencivenga) Caldwell

      Just checked back into this site and saw your reply DC!!! You actually replied on my birthday!!! That’s special! Miss you and everyone else…..the GOOD old days!!! Take good care ALL!

    • Jackie Kipilo

      Miss you from Metropol. Any idea where I can get hold of one of your playlists?

      Everytime I think of Metropol, I think of you.

  16. Jay Silvers

    Doing a search and this came up again. So many good memories of Mix Jamz. Most of the old Mix crew is on Face Book. It’s always good to here from everyone. I’m still in Pittsburgh overseeing production for Sheridan Broadcasting and American Urban Radio Networks, plus I do voice-over work for TV and radio stations around the country.

  17. dan d

    for all thoose out of the loop wpnix has reopened here in 2011 as club oxygen other thant a bright paint job inside its a time warp capsule of the 90s the crowds not close to what it once was (i truly hope it catches on) so guys gals keep it in mind u can travel back in time…just the grey hair and old age is still right with us lol

  18. Alan Freed

    Just stumbled on this after doing a Google search for kicks… very cool to bring back some memories!

    I was a part-timer for just a few months until the plug got pulled and K-Bear moved in. I had a lot of fun with the “All Request House Party” on Saturday nights. What a blast!

    I have great memories of Tony & DC… haven’t heard from those guys in a long, long time, unfortunately! You just don’t hear radio like THAT nowadays.

  19. Lara Antonucci

    Seriously? Tony(Dave) how are you? Crazy that I found this thread….

  20. Hey DC Taylor, why did you go nuts that one night 20 years ago and play a bunch of TV theme songs? Was funny as hell! Mix Jamz 4 Life, son!

  21. Gary

    Mix Jamz was a Great station to intern at! That was Real Radio!

  22. mathieu

    My eyes are misty. So much of the comment thread is familiar. So many memories. To everyone who was a part of Mixjamz, thank you for being a part of my life and shaping my ear.

    Living in Johnstown, I had to create a wild antenna to get signal, but was it worth it. I was a young kid in the sticks and heard great radio that I couldn’t get anywhere else.

    I still have a bunch of the wpnix and metropol tapes kicking around somewhere…

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