Shotgun Tom Kelly, WGCL G98 Cleveland | January 3, 1975

G98 Playin Less Commercials and More Boogie…

The 70s sure had their share of economic difficulties, eh? Even here in 1975, stations are basing some of their promotions around people having hard times. This opens with just such a contest.

This is a short recording of Shotgun Tom Kelly on the old G98. This station had no shortage of creative talent on the air over the years (Tom Kent was here for a time). Listeners are invited to comment below.


  1. brianCarter

    this is not the west coast ShotGun Tom..this Waylon Richards who worked at WPGC in DC and i worked wth him at B104 Baltimore in the mid ’80’ guy.
    think he’s in te advertising biz or something nowadays

    • Dale Franz (Cleveland's Shotgun Tom)

      Hi Brian,
      You’re right…..this is not Tom Irwin, the original Shotgun Tom Kelly, but. is me, Waylon Richards. The original Shotgun Tom Kelly just got a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and very much deserves it, too. A great jock for many years, and still going strong.
      Wow….this tape was from such a long time ago. Did I really sound like that? Whoa-a-a-a……formats, huh.

  2. Skip O'Brien

    I worked with Tom Kelly at G98. His real name is Dale Franz. I believe he was originally from Streetsboro, Ohio. I would love to hear from him. It’s been over 30 years since we’ve seen each other.

    • Dale Franz (Cleveland's Shotgun Tom)

      Send those cut out pix! LOL!

      • Hey Tom, Charlie Tuna here. Long time, over 30 years. Hope life finds you well and happy. If you have Ships email address can you pass it along anyone else from back then?


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