QuickChexx: WDRC “The Big D” Lives on – 102.9 WDRC-HD2 Hartford | April 21, 2014

102.9 Hartford WDRC-FM Big D 103

This is very short, recorded by your webmaster himself. Only to illustrate that there are some constructive uses for Ibiquity’s IBOC branded “HD Radio”. DRC-FM’s HD2 is locally produced, with sweepers voiced by Floyd Wright and an occasional classic WDRC jingle from the old Top 40 days on 1360 AM. But note, the HD2 recreation is jockless. It does, however, bring back the Oldies format that WDRC-FM had which played the hits of the 50s, 60s and early 70s.

The only real problem with this station, is that few people can hear it. There are very few HD receivers being sold on the market, and most you have to go to a specialty store to obtain. Try getting a Sony HD receiver or Boston Acoustics at Wal Mart – you’ll be disappointed.

So it is, that I decided to record this brief aircheck of the HD2 Oldies WDRC, just in case it abruptly disappears. Hope you like it.

102.9 Hartford WDRC-FM Big D 103


  1. Jay Rudko

    It’s a shame that, despite being available for some time now, HD Radio still hasn’t caught on as it should have. Who’s to blame? The radio industry or the hardware makers? Both, actually. Poor publicity leads to low demand. There are some fine car radios out there that are HD Radio equipped, but someone has to get the word out about what’s available on the secondary and tertiary channels. The potential is there. They just have to publicize it better.

  2. Carl

    I found this by mistake on the drive home one night and I haven’t moved the dial since. A nice mix of not so often heard oldies and classic rock. Shame it is not available to our listening area as a NEW Rock N Oldies Station, no talk, just music,music,music.

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