Rachel Logan, 106.5 WWMX Baltimore | 2014

106.5 WWMX Baltimore Mix 106.5

Rachel Logan
Rachel Logan
WWMX Baltimore “Mix 1065” Official Photo
Date of Recording: 2014 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 106.5 WWMX “Mix 1065” Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Format: Hot Adult Adult/Contemporary
Featured Air Talent: Rachel Logan
Contributor: Rachel Logan
Airchexx Entry: 1,453

…”Ok, so it’s Try from Colby Caillait, because maybe he should try a little bit harder…”


Our first entry from new Contributor Rachel Logan is also the first archived recording of Baltimore’s “Mix 1065”. Recorded in 2014, this shows Logan’s warm personality, and the station’s format allowing for plenty of jock audience interaction. Eight years after the disasterous Telcom ’96 decision, and not all radio was reduced to antiseptic bottom line mentality, or so it seems by listening to this three-minute scope.

106.5 WWMX Baltimore Mix 106.5


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