Rambling With Gambling on 710 WOR New York – – August 9 1976

Rambling With Gambling on 710 WOR New York – – August 9 1976

WOR 710 New York – Rambling With Gambling – August 9 1976

Courtesy: Kevin Fennesey

Back in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, & 80s, WOR’s Rambling With Gambling, was one of New York’s most popular morning shows. The host through many of those years was John A Gambling. He took over the show from his father, John B Gambling, who started the morning show in 1925. John A. was joined on the show by his son, John R Gambling, in 1985. When John A. finally retired in 1991, John R. took over, until WOR management canceled the show in 2000, after a 75 year run.

In this era, Rambling With Gambling, was a full service AC morning show with lots of information, with the rest of the station being mostly talk. You would hear songs on the show from artists like The Carpenters, Anne Murray, & Neil Diamond. This aircheck also features longtime WOR newsman, Henry Gladstone, with coverage of fast approaching Hurricane Belle. Longtime traffic reporter & helicopter pilot, Fred Feldman is heard, as well as meteorologist, Dr. Bob Harris. Harris ran into problems a few year after this aircheck, when it was discovered he was NOT a doctor, and he had to stop calling himself, doctor.

Even though Rambling With Gambling was on air for 75 years, there seems to be very few recordings of the show. If you happen to have any Rambling With Gambling, or WOR audio, emil me at ellisjunk@cfl.rr.com & let me know. I’d LOVE to get copy!. -Ellis

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