Robert W Morgan on 93 KHJ Los Angeles | May 27 1968

930 Los Angeles KHJ

KHJ 93 Los Angeles – Robert W Morgan – May 27 1968

Back in the late 1960s & early 1970s, 93 KHJ was a Top 40 powerhouse in SoCal. It was so popular, “Boss Radio“ was practically the soundtrack of Los Angeles.

For many years, “personality”Top40 radio—dominated by lots of deejay chatter and & long jingles. In 1965 legendary radio programmer Bill Drake, along with program director Ron Jacobs, changed that when they brought the streamlined ”Drake Format“ to KHJ, & transformed it into Southern California’s must listen to radio station.

The station cranked out the biggest hits of the day, larger than life promotions & contests, and some of the greatest jocks in the country! KHJ’s DJ roster read almost like an all-star list, with such talent as Johnny Williams, Machine Gun Kelly, Charlie Tuna, Billy Pearl, Bobby Tripp, Mark Elliott, Bill Wade, Robert W. Morgan, Bobby Ocean, Humble Harve, Jerry Butler, Sam Riddle, Charlie Van Dyke, Gary Mack, and the voice heard on this air check, Robert W Morgan.

Morgan was the morning voice of KHJ for several years in the late 60s & early 70s. He was also the voice of the TV show Solid Gold. -Ellis



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